How To Become A Yoga Teacher? – My 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Hello my friends,

It is already a couple of month ago but I wanted to share my yoga teacher training experince with you. Simply because I was always wondering how people become a yoga teacher.

Graduation Day

A year ago I decided to do a yoga teacher training. I actually just did it because I got a job offer to work as a yoga teacher at my university. I am always up for new things and I truely enjoy learning. Especially when it comes to things that I love.


I started practising yoga four years ago. Everything started with my grandmother. I was wondering what she was doing every morning. These weird movements after waking up. It doesn’t really made sense to me. After a couple of years I realised what she did and it was actually the sun salutation. Now I can just say my grandmother is my hero and I am grateful that she introduced this amazing practise to my life.

One day she asked me if I wanna join her weekly yoga class at her work. I didn’t know what yoga was but I went with her. I felt really uncomfortable in the room with everyone. They all knew what to do and my first downward dog was the worst thing I’ve ever done so far.

Ben Lomond Summit, Queenstown, New Zealand

I went with her to a couple of other classes and at some point I started with a 30 days yoga journey with yoga with adrien on youtube. At that time I went to the gym every second day and after two weeks I already felt amazing. The combination of weights and yoga was everything I needed at that time.


Kranti Yoga, Yogi Village

After finishing my exams in university I went to India for five weeks. I said to myself if you really wanna become a yoga teacher you do it in India. The school I went to was in Patnem Beach, Goa, South India and called Kranti Yoga. I did a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

The reason why I chose this school is because of my friend Yoli. She did a lot of research on yoga schools in India. I told her that I will do my yoga teacher training in the beginning of 2019 and asked her where she wanna go. She send me a link of Kranti and I just booked it without even knowing anything about it. I didn’t know the area I didn’t even know how to get there. I figured out that they had a pick up shuttle (no one was at the airport and I had to wait ages until they picked me up) and there also was an airport in Goa. I booked my flights and the whole journey started.

I had no idea what will happen and I never practiced Ashtanga before. Intuition is what lead me through this jorney. Ashtanga was made for me and I fell in love with it. I always knew that I wanted to teach yoga and it just felt so right to learn it in India.

Evening Practise, Patnem Beach, India


06:15-06:45 am Chanting (optional)

07:00-09:00 am Ashtanga Yoga/ Vinasya flow

09:00-10:00 am Pranayama & Meditation/ Yoga Nidra

10:00-11:00 am Breakfast

11:00-01:00 pm Anatomie & Alignment

Alignment Lesson

01:00-02:45 pm Lunch

02:45-04:15 pm Philosophy & Lifestyle

04:15-04:30 pm Snack

04:30-06:00 pm Teaching Methodology/ Yin Yoga/ Technical Workshop

Group Workshop

06:00-07:00 pm Freetime

07:00-08:00 pm Dinner

08:00-10:00 pm Self-Study/ Meditation/ Activity


It was really exhausting and I had to fight with myself. Sore muscles, tears, sweat and self-doubts. We experienced it all. I always had the feeling that I wasn’t good enough to be there and that I was the only person who can not do specific asanas but it all comes with practise. Thats the main thing I learned. Stick to it and everything will come.

Kranti was the place to be and I loved the time. The staff was super friendly, the food was incredible, we had fresh coconuts every day, my teachers were amazing, my group was really supportive, I learned to get used to cold showers, I swam in the ocean and enjoyed the sunset everyday.

I learned so much about myself, dealing with my emotions, appreciating the people around me and not acting selfish(I struggled with this one a lot). India was a great chance for me to explore myself and accept myself even more. I did the whole “I FIND MYSELF THING”.

Sunset View, Patnem Beach

Have you ever tried ecstatic dance? I haven’t before I went to India. It was one of the most intresting things I’ve ever done. I cried while dancing I felt the music even more and just followed the music. Give it a try I’m not gonna say more.


You don’t need to be an advanced Yogi to become a yoga teacher. You’ll learn so much while you are on this journey and you’ll definitely be ready for teaching your own class afterwards. I felt the urge to share my knowledge immidiatly and I started teaching seven days after my graduation.

Practise Exam, First Yoga Lesson

Peace plants namaste,


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