Chocolate cheesecake/ Zupfkuchen

Hello my lovely friends,

I always thought it would be so difficult to bake a vegan chocolate cheesecake but I actually noticed the complete opposite. It just took me a few steps and everyone really liked the cake. Even my mother who’s really critical with my way of using sugar in cakes. 

For this recipes I got inspired by

I also give away 3 T-shirt’s and one pair of oven handgloves. At the moment there is the event where people all over the world bake vegan cakes and sell them for non profit organisations. Since 2009, they have raised more than $440,000 with bake sales taking place in hundreds of cities across 27 countries and 6 continents. This year the event will takes place between 15.-30. April 2019.

Conditions of participation:

– follow me here

– write a comment and let me know which cakes is your favourite

Germany only, Good luck!

Halli hallo ihr Lieben,

ich hatte immer gedacht es wäre unglaublich schwierig einen veganen Zupfkuchen zu backen, aber ich lag damit vollkommen falsch. Es hat mich nur wenige Arbeitsschritte gekostet und meiner Familie schmeckte der Kuchen unglaublich gut. Selbst meine Mutter die sonst immer die Augen verdreht, wenn ich sage, dass ich kein Zucker / wenig Zucker im Kuchen haben möchte.

Meine Inspiration für dieses Rezept habe ich duch bekommen.

Außerdem verlose ich 3 T-shirt’s und ein Paar Ofenhandschuhe. Denn derzeit läuft die Aktion worldwide vegan bake sale, wo Menschen auf der ganzen Welt vegane Kuchen backen und die Spenden an eine Non-Profit Organisationen geben. Seit 2009 wurden schon über $440,000 eingenommen, verteilt in 27 Ländern auf 6 Kontinenten. Dieses Jahr findet das Event vom 15.-30. April 2019 statt.

Teilnahme Gewinnspiel:

– folgt mir hier

– lasst mich in den Kommentaren wissen welcher Kuchen euer Lieblingskuchen ist.

Deutschland only, ich drücke euch die Daumen.


Peace plants namaste,


Recipe/ Rezept

servings: 8 pieces

Time: 90 minutes

Difficulty: easy


chocolate crust
  • 200g flour
  • 70g coconut blossom sugar
  • 120g magarine
  • 1/2 tbsp vanillapaste
  • 1 package baking powder
  • 40g cacao (I used Koawach classic)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 500g unsweetened soy yogurt
  • 1 package vanilla curd powder
  • 1/2 tbsp vanillapaste
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  1. pre-heat the oven (160 degrees fan oven)
  2. mix flour, coconut blossom sugar, baking powder, cacao and salt
  3. melt margarine and add to dry ingredients
  4. add water
  5. keep 1/4 of the chocolate crust, use the rest for the base (3 cm high on side)
  6. let the chocolate crust sit in the fridge for 30 minutes
  7. for filling mix soy yogurt, vanilla custard powder, vanillapaste and lemon juice and put it on top of the chocolate crust
  8. use the rest of the chocolate crust for the decoration on top
  9. bake for 40 minutes in the oven, let it sit for 5 minutes

Portionen: 8 Stücke

Zeit: 90 Minuten

Niveau: einfach


  • 200g Dinkelmehl
  • 70g Kokosblütenzucker
  • 120g Pflanzenmargarine
  • 1/2 Esslöffel Vanillepaste
  • 40g Kakao (ich habe Koawach Klassik benutzt)
  • 1 Prise Salz
  • 2 Esslöffel Wasser
  • 500g ungesüßter Soyajogurt
  • 1 Päckchen Vanillepuddingpulver
  • 1/2 Esslöffel Vanillepaste
  • 1 Esslöffel Zitronensaft
  • Springform (Durchmesser 24 cm)
  1. Ofen vorheizen (160 Grad Umluft)
  2. Mehl, Kokosblütenzucker, Vanillepaste, Backpulver, Kakao und Salz vermischen
  3. Margarine erwärmen und hinzugeben
  4. Wasser hinzugeben
  5. 1/4 Schokoladenteig zur Seite stellen für die Zupfen, Springform mit restlichem Schokoladenteig auskleiden (3 cm hoher Rand)
  6. 30 Minuten kaltstellen
  7. für Füllung Sojajogurt, Vanillepaste, Vanillepuddingpulver und Zitronensaft verrühren und auf dem Teigboden verteilen
  8. restlicher Schokoteig abzupfen und auf der Füllung verteilen
  9. 40 Minuten im Ofen backen, 5 Minuten abkühlen lassen

How To Become A Yoga Teacher? – My 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Hello my friends,

It is already a couple of month ago but I wanted to share my yoga teacher training experince with you. Simply because I was always wondering how people become a yoga teacher.

Graduation Day

A year ago I decided to do a yoga teacher training. I actually just did it because I got a job offer to work as a yoga teacher at my university. I am always up for new things and I truely enjoy learning. Especially when it comes to things that I love.


I started practising yoga four years ago. Everything started with my grandmother. I was wondering what she was doing every morning. These weird movements after waking up. It doesn’t really made sense to me. After a couple of years I realised what she did and it was actually the sun salutation. Now I can just say my grandmother is my hero and I am grateful that she introduced this amazing practise to my life.

One day she asked me if I wanna join her weekly yoga class at her work. I didn’t know what yoga was but I went with her. I felt really uncomfortable in the room with everyone. They all knew what to do and my first downward dog was the worst thing I’ve ever done so far.

Ben Lomond Summit, Queenstown, New Zealand

I went with her to a couple of other classes and at some point I started with a 30 days yoga journey with yoga with adrien on youtube. At that time I went to the gym every second day and after two weeks I already felt amazing. The combination of weights and yoga was everything I needed at that time.


Kranti Yoga, Yogi Village

After finishing my exams in university I went to India for five weeks. I said to myself if you really wanna become a yoga teacher you do it in India. The school I went to was in Patnem Beach, Goa, South India and called Kranti Yoga. I did a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

The reason why I chose this school is because of my friend Yoli. She did a lot of research on yoga schools in India. I told her that I will do my yoga teacher training in the beginning of 2019 and asked her where she wanna go. She send me a link of Kranti and I just booked it without even knowing anything about it. I didn’t know the area I didn’t even know how to get there. I figured out that they had a pick up shuttle (no one was at the airport and I had to wait ages until they picked me up) and there also was an airport in Goa. I booked my flights and the whole journey started.

I had no idea what will happen and I never practiced Ashtanga before. Intuition is what lead me through this jorney. Ashtanga was made for me and I fell in love with it. I always knew that I wanted to teach yoga and it just felt so right to learn it in India.

Evening Practise, Patnem Beach, India


06:15-06:45 am Chanting (optional)

07:00-09:00 am Ashtanga Yoga/ Vinasya flow

09:00-10:00 am Pranayama & Meditation/ Yoga Nidra

10:00-11:00 am Breakfast

11:00-01:00 pm Anatomie & Alignment

Alignment Lesson

01:00-02:45 pm Lunch

02:45-04:15 pm Philosophy & Lifestyle

04:15-04:30 pm Snack

04:30-06:00 pm Teaching Methodology/ Yin Yoga/ Technical Workshop

Group Workshop

06:00-07:00 pm Freetime

07:00-08:00 pm Dinner

08:00-10:00 pm Self-Study/ Meditation/ Activity


It was really exhausting and I had to fight with myself. Sore muscles, tears, sweat and self-doubts. We experienced it all. I always had the feeling that I wasn’t good enough to be there and that I was the only person who can not do specific asanas but it all comes with practise. Thats the main thing I learned. Stick to it and everything will come.

Kranti was the place to be and I loved the time. The staff was super friendly, the food was incredible, we had fresh coconuts every day, my teachers were amazing, my group was really supportive, I learned to get used to cold showers, I swam in the ocean and enjoyed the sunset everyday.

I learned so much about myself, dealing with my emotions, appreciating the people around me and not acting selfish(I struggled with this one a lot). India was a great chance for me to explore myself and accept myself even more. I did the whole “I FIND MYSELF THING”.

Sunset View, Patnem Beach

Have you ever tried ecstatic dance? I haven’t before I went to India. It was one of the most intresting things I’ve ever done. I cried while dancing I felt the music even more and just followed the music. Give it a try I’m not gonna say more.


You don’t need to be an advanced Yogi to become a yoga teacher. You’ll learn so much while you are on this journey and you’ll definitely be ready for teaching your own class afterwards. I felt the urge to share my knowledge immidiatly and I started teaching seven days after my graduation.

Practise Exam, First Yoga Lesson

Peace plants namaste,


First Marathon – First Time In America

Hello my friends,

How come that I ran the TCS New York Marathon?

First of all, I didn’t plan to run a marathon in 2019. I just started running in the end of April 2019 and I ran two half-marathons before. At some point I saw that there was a “lottery” in our Berlin Midnight Runners group on Facebook. They had three bibs for the TCS New York Marathon 2019. I didn’t know anything about it and thought lets just do it, you never know.

I always said to myself the first marathon that I run will be the New York Marathon. I knew that before I started running. It was one of these gut feelings. I always wanna go all in so New York was my ALL. I didn’t know why I wanted to run a marathon before I didn’t even finish a proper 10 km race.

TCS Marathon Expo 2019

A couple of years ago a saw Diana(@doandlive) on her journey with New Balance. She ran her first marathon in New York and I was impressed. That was actually the beginning. The beginning of my New York Marathon wish.


In the end of august I received an email from the captain of the New York Midnight Runners. When I read “you will soon be running through the streets of New York” I couldn’t believe what just happened. I will run my first marathon and not just any marathon I run the New York marathon. So I actually won one of the three bibs for this marathon.


So it was official I will run my first marathon but how do I train for that? I had no idea and I was in Sweden at that point. So all of my running friends were still in Berlin. Lucky me I also won a summit membership for Strava. They had a Marathon training plan that I used for my training. I used the McMillan marathon plan. This plan is a 12 week plan but I received the message six weeks before the race so I had to skip the first couple of weeks. Before that I just ran 10-20 km per week. After the Sportcheck half marathon in Berlin I injured myself and had to stop running for two weeks. That was also the time when I received the confirmation email from New York.

I knew that I will run the marathon and my friends said I still have enough time. But I was quite scared I had no idea what will happen. After these two weeks I started running and followed the plan. I felt great and I got used to the hilly area here in Sweden. I run 30-55 km per week. I also started to focus on the time and not the km or the pace anymore.


Monday: recovery day

Tuesday: 00:54 h, 108 m elevation, 07:21/km

Wednesday: 01:10 h, 158 m elevation, 07:01/km

Thursday: 01:56 h, 207 m elevation, 07:43/km

Friday: 00:38 h, 44 m elevation, 06:50/km

Saturday: recovery day

Sunday: 02:00 h, 304 m elevation, 08:48/km

Total: 06:40 h, 817 m elevation, 51,8 km

Alright so I had seven weeks of training before the race, but I was also traveling in between so in some weeks I couldn’t stick to my training plan as I wanted.


Central Park

I arrived in New York on the 31. of October (yes Halloween and yes I went to the Time Square). No jetlag nothing. I felt great. On the 1. of November we had a 6 miles shakeout run with the Midnight Runners in New York. I was extremely thankful to have these lovely people around me, because I didn’t know anyone else in New York. The day before the race we went to an Italian place and everyone ordered pasta (typical pre-marathon pasta party) but I decided to stick to my plants. I had potatoes, beans and vegetables. The food was amazing and super clean. Everything I needed. I tried to sleep as much as possible the night before the race and I had no difficulties with falling a sleep.

Brooklyn Bridge


I started my day with oatmeal and headed to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. I met one of the Midnight Runners there. Lovely Olivier from Boston. I was glad to have her even if I didn’t know her before it helped me to have someone around me who ran a couple of marathons before and she gave me a lot of tips before the race.

When we arrived in Staten Island we took the bus to go to the starting area. It took forever and I thought I would have much more time. I was freezing cold because I didn’t know that I had to bring a “throw away” jacket. I dropped my bag, had three bananas (which was a bit too much for me) and went to my corral. I started in the last wave. There was no going back. I knew I was ready for this.

3, 2, 1 GO!

We stared and I have to admit that I was quite annoyed that everyone was so slow and it was also pretty cold. I passed quite a lot of people and wanted to go faster and faster. When we arrived in Brooklyn I was overwhelmed with all the people who cheered on the sides of the street. I had tears in my eyes a couple of times while I was running. I couldn’t believe that I had the chance to run this race. I was so thankful and happy to be there.

I run a new PB on the first half and thought “wow that is actually super easy going”. After mile 14 I had one Lärabar and I also knew that the Midnight Runner crew will cheer at mile 18. I was so happy to see them and I got my coconut water from one of them. Electrolytes, everything I needed. At mile 20 I realised that it wasn’t that easy anymore. It was so loud around me and I just wanted to finish it. My legs weren’t tired but my mind wasn’t with me anymore. I passed Queens, Bronx and finally arrived in Manhatten. My wonderful friend Joy was there and I didn’t expect that. I was so glad to see her. She ran with me for a while that gave me so much energy and I knew I will finish this!

I arrived at the Central Park and a couple of days before the race I check out the final stretch so I knew what will come. I saw the finish line and I did it. I finished my first marathon and not just any marathon I finished the New York Marathon.


My legs felt a bit weird and we all walked like penguins. I got my bag and drank my kale juice right away(by the way while the race I just had water and no Gatorade). I just wanted to leave. There were so many people even at the subway. At some point I finally made it to the bar where all the other Midnight Runners were and I was so glad to see them all. So proud of everyone who ran the race and myself. We were heroes!


People told me that I wouldn’t be able to walk up the stairs after the race and that my legs wouldn’t be that strong anymore but I felt great I almost felt nothing. I went to the recovery center for a recovery session. Everyone was complaining and I was the only person there without any pain. I knew it was because of the nutrition. POWERED BY PLANTS.


10 km New York Midnight Runners Boot Camp

I used the last days to do all the tourist things in New York. Two days after the race I started running again and ran a 10 km run with the New York Midnight Runners.

New York Midnight Runners

The last day was my birthday and I had a couple of hours before I head to go to the airport. I decided to go for a last walk. I had such a wonderful time and it felt so wrong to leave New York. I truely loved it and I wanted to stay. It was one week but this week was packed with emotions, new people, live podcasts and so much more. Big thanks to the Midnight Runners and everyone who stayed with me in New York.

Peace plants namaste,


Snickers cake/ Snickers Kuchen

Hello my lovely friends,

many of you have asked how I made my snickers cake. I baked the cake for my sisters birthday and everyone was impressed. My hole family ate my cake instead of the cake they bought from the shops.

This time I got inspired by

Halli hallo ihr Lieben,

viele von euch haben mich gefragt, wie ich meinen Snickers Kuchen gemacht habe. Ich hatte diesen Kuchen für meine Schwester zum Geburtsag gebacken und meine ganze Familie war begeistert und hat glatt den gekauften Kuchen aus dem Supermakrt stehen gelassen.

Dieses mal habe ich mich von inspirieren lassen.

Peace plants namaste,


Recipe/ Rezept

Servings: 8 pieces

Time: 110 minutes

Difficulty: moderat


Chocolate layer
  • 250g whole wheat flour 
  • 10g baking powder
  • 20g sugar
  • 30g koawach vanilla cocoa
  • 250ml water
  • 100ml plant oil (sunflower)
  • 250ml soy cuisine
  • Pinch of salt
  • 20g sugar 
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter crunchy
  • 250ml soy cuisine
  • 2 tsp san-apart
  • 300g peanut butter crunchy
Chocolate ganache
  • 200ml soy cooking creme
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 1 tsp cinnamon


Chocolate layer

  1. preheat the oven to 180 degrees (fan)
  2. mix the whole wheat flour, baking soda, cocoa and sugar together
  3. add in the water and sunflower oil
  4. put the chocolate layer in a 24 cm diameter springform pan
  5. bake in the oven for 40 minutes

Caramel creme

  1. heat up the soy cuisine
  2. stir, add in the sugar and salt
  3. switch off the heat and add in the peanut butter
  4. stir until it thickens


  1. whip the soy cooking creme
  2. add in the san-apart and keep whipping
  3. fold in the peanut butter


  1. heat up the soya cooking creme
  2. cut the dark chocolate into pieces and add into pan
  3. stir and switch of the heat
  4. add in the cinnamon
  1. put the caramelcrene on top of the chocolate layer
  2. put the peanutcreme on top of the cramelcreme
  3. put the chocolateganache on top of the peanutcreme
  4. keep in the fridge for 1 hour

Portionen: 8 Stück

Zeit: 110 Minuten

Niveau: Mittel


  • 250g Dinkelmehl
  • 10g Backpulver 
  • 20g Rohrzucker
  • 30g Koawach Vanille Kakao
  • 250ml Wasser
  • 100ml Sonnenblumenöl (oder gemackloses Pflanzenöl)
  • 250ml Soy Cuisine
  • Prise Salz
  • 20g Rohrzucker 
  • 2 EL Erdnussmus Crunchy
  • 250ml Soy Cuisine
  • 2 TL San-Apart
  • 300g Erdnussmus Crunchy
  • 200ml Soy Kochcreme 
  • 100g dunkle Schokolade
  • 1 TL Zimt 



  1. Ofen auf 180 Grad erhitzen (Umluft)
  2. Mehl, Backpulver, Kakao und Rohrzucker vermengen
  3. Wasser und Sonnenblumenöl dazu geben
  4. in eine 24 cm Durchmesser Springform geben
  5. 40 Minuten backen


  1. Soya Cuisine aufkochen lassen
  2. Salz und Zucker hinzufügen, dabei kräftig rühren
  3. Herd ausschlaten und Erdnussmus dazu geben
  4. mit einem Schneebesen rühren bis eine feste Creme entstanden ist


  1. Soy Kochcreme aufschlagen und San-Apart hinzugeben
  2. vorsichtig das Erdnussmus unterheben


  1. Soy Kochcreme auf dem Herd erwärmen
  2. dunkle Schokolade zerstücklen und hinzugeben
  3. gut rühren und Herd ausschalten
  4. Zimt hinzugeben
  1. auf dem Schokoladenboden die Karamellcreme verteilen
  2. auf der Karamellcreme die Erdnusscreme verteilen
  3. auf der Erdnusscreme die Schokoladenganache verteilen
  4. den Kuchen für eine Stunde im Kühlschrank ruhen lassen